Why Men Regret Exactly The Opposite Of What Women Regret About “the nasty”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Have you ever done the walk of shame? Stumbling out of someone’s bed early in the morning and being as quiet as possible so as not to wake them up, going home in the same clothes that you wore last night. When you get home all you can think is, “why would I do that?”. Then comes the regret. Regret is different for men and women however.

A new study that was conducted by UCLA and the University of Texas at Austin shows that women tend to regret the one-night stands that they have had in the past. It also shows that men regret not having more meaningless flings with strangers. Over 24,000 people were studied in three different experiments. One professor at UCLA says that the theory of why this happens is due to evolution. He says that men are driving by their instinctive need to sow their wild oats and reproduce and when they do not get a chance to do that, they regret missing the opportunity.

That theory may seem a little far-fetched however considering so many men are not looking to have a baby with a one-night stand. They are more looking for the gratification they get from the encounter.

Women may have a few different reasons for their regret. When they lose their virginity they often regret who it was with. So if they didn’t really want to sleep with that person in the first place, why did they? Societal pressure. Many women feel pressured to have s*x earlier than they may want. They also may regret meaningless hookups because they are afraid that society will label them as a “sl*t”.


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