Why Men Want Women With High Pitched Voices & Women Want Men With Deep Voices


jamesearljonesBy Staff Blogger

There are over 7,000 languages on Earth. Yet no matter what language is being spoken, one thing remains the same; we have ‘animal’ instincts when it comes to attraction to the opposite s*x. Women tend to like lower, deep voices because they instinctively connect it to a large and masculine body. Men tend to like higher pitched voices because, by instinct, they connect it with a small and feminine body.

In the animal kingdom, communication between species varies. But like humans, one thing remains the same; a low growl from an animal equals dominance or an attack that may be forthcoming. Higher pitched sounds like that from crickets can indicate that a female is looking for a mate or can indicate submissiveness and fear.

Researchers conducted a study where men and women were tape recorded and then their voices were played back for the opposite s*x. They were then rated on attractiveness based on the voice alone. The study showed that the men liked high pitched and breathy voices and rated them highly attractive.

The females rated the low voices as most attractive. Women however tended to shy away from short formant spacing within the males voices and leaned more towards the breathy voices as well. The reason for this could be that the short spacing is taken as aggressive.

Another interesting study showed that men with lower voices also had a lower sperm count. So while women are swooning over a deep Barry White-esq voice, they don’t realize that they may not find the strong virile man they are looking for, behind that voice. This, of course, does not apply to all men with low voices, but the study indicated it may be a trend.



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