Why Mike Epps Gave His Wife a Surprise Divorce


Getting a divorce can be one of the most the most painful and traumatic experiences that any couple and their children can ever endure. Being “rich and famous” does not exclude people from falling into this sad set of circumstances and it even seems that Hollywood couples have some sort of curse that makes it almost impossible to avoid the trap of ending up in divorce court!

The latest couple to hit the headlines with news about a divorce is actor and comedian, Mike Epps and his wife of 10 years, Mechelle.

According to naturallymoi.com,

Mike Epps has separated with his estranged wife Mechelle last summer. Just recently, news came out that Epps and Mechelle finally found their relationship irreparable and opted to file for divorce.

It, however, appears Mechelle wants to make life difficult for the 45-year-old Epps.

Just like the rest of the world reacted when the news of divorce came out, so did Mechelle react. She has said she was kept in the dark and thus wasn’t aware their 10 years of marriage was coming to an end.

Interestingly, TMZ had a moment with Mechelle at an airport and she opened up about her bumpy relationship with Epps, more like she was having a moment with her best friend.

During the session, Mechelle said she wasn’t aware that her husband had filed for divorce and disclosed that she was shocked to learn of the news from the media.

According to Mechelle, she wasn’t even aware they’d separated, saying they’ve been living like every other married couple until January.

Mechelle has disclosed that everything seemed normal until after Christmas when she “saw him walking down the streets of New York with a ‘mysterious girl’,” and that was the turning point for her.

Things haven’t been rosy in their relationship though. Mechelle, however, says that regardless, she has done her best to be that loyal wife.

“You think you’re in a relationship, you’re being loyal to that person and you think loyalty will always win, but you know,” Michelle quipped. “People are people and sometimes fame gets to their head.”

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