Why More Women Are Taking and Loving Vitamin C – Infused Showers


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We all know that getting our recommended dose of vitamin C can help our immune system immensely but did you also know that it can help you skin and hair? A new product has been invented to help with that. It is a showerhead that infuses vitamin C right into the shower water. The creators claim that it will help the overall health of your hair and your skin.

The company Vitashower, which sells the vitamin infused filters for your shower, claims that chlorine that is in all water is poisonous. This is not true however because obviously if it were, we would all be much worse off than we are! In large doses chlorine can be deadly, but it is a much higher dose than anything we would ever find in our shower. A chemist name Neal Langerman at the American Chemical Society says to save your money and don’t buy the filter. He says there are much healthier things that your money can be spent on.

While Vitashower’s claim about chlorine being poisonous may be a little extreme, their filter may be valid. Vitamin C helps to neutralize chlorine which can dry out your skin. This leaves you with dandruff, dry skin, and even frizzy hair. So while the chlorine may not be poisonous, it can still be slightly damaging to your body. The vitamin C helps to neutralize this to keep your skin moist and your hair smooth and sleek.

Some may be skeptical about this product, but hotel giant MGM Grand has special rooms that feature these vitamin C infused showers. In fact it is one of their major selling points for the wellness rooms that they offer. You can have one installed yourself for around 35 – $125.


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