Why More Women Are Using The “Pull-Out-Method” For Birth Control


By: Krystle Crossman

The pull-out method is a popular birth control method but it is not always effective. There is a good chance that you will still get pregnant even if he does pull out in time as there is s*men in the pre-c*m. There are still women who use this method and the Huffington Post decided to interview some and get their experiences on record. Here is what 8 women said about the pull-out method:

1. A 45 year old woman from Springfield, MO said that she and her husband used the pull-out method because they didn’t like the feel of c0ndoms and birth control but didn’t want to get pregnant. She said that it failed only once out of numerous times.

2. A 39 year old woman in LA said that she and her husband of 12 years started using this method after the birth of their first child. She didn’t want to go back on the pill because she didn’t want to gain the weight and didn’t want to have to worry about forgetting to take it. They found out that she was pregnant recently.

3. A 32 year old woman in Chicago said that she has been off of the pill for four years and hasn’t looked back. She doesn’t like having all of the hormones in her system. She and her boyfriend use a period tracker and do not have s*x when she is ovulating. She doesn’t like how c0ndoms feel but does not want to take the birth control and so far this method has worked for them.

4. A 25 year old in Texas says that she uses this method as a secondary method of birth control and thinks that it is not smart to use it as a primary method alone.

5. A 35 year old woman in Boston says that she tried this method for a few years due to lack of being able to get to the gynecologist for a prescription and ended up getting pregnant after 2 years.

6. One woman from Queens who did not give her age said to ask her two year old son about how reliable the pull-out method is.

7. A 26 year old woman from Manassas, VA says that her s*x life is stronger because of this method. She feels that the trust that needs to be there makes them closer.

8. Finally a 45 year old woman says that this method does not work. She ended up getting pregnant pretty quickly.



  1. Its really on your partner. Ive been using the pullout method for 2 decades and the week I decided to get my wife pregant she was with child 2months after.

  2. And u will not get pregnant from precum.. Precum acts as an antibacterial so that’s the opening is sterile when the actual semen passes through.

  3. It kills me how people really have been lead to believe that the pull out method doesn’t work. If you look it up you can see it is only slightly less effective than birth control pills and condoms. If you are in a committed marriage I say go for it. It clearly works. Only 2 of the 8 made mention of getting pregnant and I’d bet $10 to a donut hole he just didn’t want to pull out when he was supposed to. When done perfectly it has a 96% success rate. When done typically it has a 78% success rate.


    i feel that if there are 2 people, in a monogamus relationship, then they should be happy doing whatever they feel. it’s always the decision of the woman. we as men have to get the ‘okay’from women to practice whatever birth control, if any. i practiced that method of birth control in my youth, while my partner swallowed the ‘pill’. after years went by i stopped pulling out, but never had a baby. i’m in a trustful with my girlfriend (3 years), and i don’t pull out only because i’m giving fatherhood another try.

  5. In this day and age of STDs, some which are deadly, there needs to be a deep level of trust and commitment in order to engage in risky sexual activity of this nature. Even for married folks.

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