Why More Young Women Are Choosing To Be Housewives


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Black Enterprise Magazine

Younger women today are adopting a lifestyle pattern that was the norm around the time when many of their mothers and grandmothers were in the prime of their lives.

In recent history, the New York Post published an article, which profiled a 30-something married couple that lives in the Bayside community inside the Queens borough of New York City. The article also featured interpretations of a multipart study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Texas at Austin.

The wife profiled in the story was a 30-year-old woman named Gaya Krikorian. Mrs. Krikorian has a Master’s Degree in English and works a part-time job, which gives her some pocket money to take care of herself. However, the job she prides herself on the most is being a full-time housewife.

“I want [my husband]to be happy, and he loves how I cook and he appreciates it. In my opinion, I think it’s a good balance for us that I do more [traditionally]‘female’ things. Of course, now women can earn a lot more money, but it’s just not who I am. I’m good at keeping the house clean . . . It really works for us,” Gaya told the Post.

The researchers of the multipart study also concluded that adult people under the age of 40 generally believe in adopting the traditional gender roles that were mainstream many years ago. Finally, columnist Christian Gollayan wrote the following about the history of the research, which has been conducted over the years on this issue:

Since the ’70s, sociologists have been surveying high school seniors about whether they agreed with the statement: “It is usually better for everyone involved if the man is the achiever outside the home and the woman takes care of the home and family.” In 2014, 42 percent of teens disagreed with the statement, compared to 58 percent in 1994 (The New York Post, 2017).

Source: https://nypost.com/2017/05/24/im-a-millennial-woman-and-id-rather-be-a-housewife/






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