Why Mormon Women are Taking N-u-de Photos


cameraBy: Krystle Crossman

Katrina Barker Anderson is an artistic photographer. She is also Mormon. She says that she hears all the time how women in the LDS community are not covered up enough and are not being modest enough and she is tired of it. She wanted to make people aware that it is not about how much is covered up or not covered up, but how the body is a beautiful thing, even if there are no clothes on at all. She wanted to create a set of photographs that depicted Mormon women, stripped down to nothing, but still tasteful. She looked to show people that women’s bodies could be viewed as modest even if they were not wearing what the LDS community says they should be wearing.

Katrina put up a post on a community Facebook page to see if there would be any volunteers to do the photographs. She did not expect that she would get any replies at all. A few days later she had messages from 30 women from Utah and others who were visiting Utah. She was surprised that she had gotten so many volunteers and went on with the shoot. She took the photos in natural light and in their homes.

All of the women were very brave for stepping up an allowing Katrina to complete her project. She did have some people that backed out at the last minute but she says that she understands because you have to be very brave to go through with a shoot like this. She hopes that people will view the photos as an explanation that there are cultural stereotypes that are not always right and that a woman’s body can be nude and still be modest.



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