Why One Contestant Says This Reality Show Isn’t So Realistic and is Dangerous to Its Audience


By: Krystle Crossman

Kai Hibbard appeared on the reality show The Biggest Loser where she dropped an incredible 118 pounds. She is speaking out against the show despite her weight loss. She has been criticized for speaking her mind about the show and what it really entails. Hibbard states that the show is running under the guise of helping people but in reality it is not only unrealistic but is unsafe for the contestants and those who watch the show.

When the Biggest Loser starts it seasons there are men and women at the highest weights they have ever been at. And yet the women are made to wear a sports bra and shorts. They do not get to wear a shirt or tank top until they have slimmed down. Why? Hibbard says this is just one of the many different levels of fat-shaming that happens on the show. Another is when they are all at the gym working out, trying their hardest while people are screaming in their face and talking down to them even as they are falling down or throwing up.

Their diets are portrayed as healthy but all they really are is crash diets. Hibbard says her metabolism has been shot because of the show and what they make them eat the second that they begin the journey. Crash diets are not good for anyone but yet the show portrays it as a healthy way to live. This gives the audience and unrealistic view of dieting and weight loss. Hibbard stated that she had a lot of young girls write to her about how the show made them feel weak and worthless because they couldn’t drop the huge amounts of weight that the contestants were losing in a week on the show. These girls watching the show would resort to anorexia, bulimia, and over-exercising. They became discouraged when they didn’t see results like the contestants on the show.

Hibbard states that going on this show was one of the biggest mistakes that she has ever made in her life even though she did drop the weight. She said through the entire filming process she didn’t feel right about what was going on but didn’t want to disappoint anyone by leaving. She felt ashamed, broken, and misguided. After the show was over she continued her normal life being a wife, a mother, and a member of the National Guard. She is up to 163 pounds (she weighed 144 at the end of the show) and says that she is not ashamed of how she looks or what her weight is because she is finally eating and exercising the proper way.


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