Why One Woman Says She Enjoys Her S*x-less Marriage


By: Krystle Crossman

You may hear people joke from time to time that once you get married, the s*x goes and it is very rare to actually sleep with your spouse. One woman tells her story about her s*xless marriage and how she is extremely happy with her lifestyle and how her marriage is better for it.

After having marrying her husband at age 24 and having her daughter at age 29, one woman tells about how her husband and she only have s*x six times per year or less. You may be thinking, “How is that possible? He must be cheating on her.” But the unnamed woman states that she and her husband spoke about that and he told her that he always felt strange because he didn’t think about s*x as much as the average guy seemed to. They have both had s*x, they enjoy it when they do have it, they just are very rarely in the mood.

She feels that this helps her marriage because it forces them to be more honest with each other about other things. She says that there is not make-up s*x to get in the way and there are no feelings covered up by dragging the other partner into bed even if neither wanted to do it. She says that it also helps them to focus on each other’s emotional needs as opposed to the physical ones.

One day while at lunch with some girlfriends she overheard one of the women say that a marriage with less than frequent s*x is not a real marriage and she took a quiet offense to this. She states that her husband is her best friend, the father of her child, and someone that she loves to the end.



  1. Interesting concept depending on how long these two been together or how old they are. Sex is wonderful but, @49, I want it at least 24x a year 🙂

  2. Sorry, I don’t by “I didn’t think about S€X as much as the average guy”, for that’s Bologne&liverwurst coming from a man. Men think about sex far more than women in an average day, let alone an average month. So what gives???? 😉

    • I think that this is a perfect example of a woman being in the drivers seat and looking at her phone while driving, she has turned her husband off completely, or she probably looks like a homeless person, some homeless people might look better.
      Not a healthy marriage in my book an affair waiting
      to happen, if any body decides to care.

      • You are so spot on with your comment. My wife is exactly like this woman, and after begging for sexual activity for so long and not getting it…I have been totally turn off by my wife. I don’t even desire her anymore…even after seeing her just out of the shower. Not just any female will do for me, so when the right one comes along, my wife can just hang it up. This marriage is over.

        • If you don’t love your wife or not turned on by your wife, leave not. Why wait for someone else to come along. What is your problem? Are you afraid to be along?

  3. Some people do not have a high sex drive. There are people who are termed, “asexual.” I wonder why that is so hard to understand.

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