Why Oprah Had To Say Good-bye to Hairstylist After 30 Years Together


By Liku Zelleke

Oprah Winfrey’s hairstylist Andre Walker has decided to part ways with media mogul so he can focus on his own line of products. He has been tending to her hair for around thirty years.

The news was announced in the latest issue of O magazine when Oprah said, “I’ve been with Andre for 30 years – longer than I’ve been with Stedman!”

Oprah and Walker met in 1985 when she was the host of “AM Chicago.” He sent her a letter saying he could make her hair look better.

“And we’ve never had a fight,” Oprah said.

The magazine goes on to say:

“Walker is transitioning from his day-to-day styling duties to focus on his haircare line, available at AndreWalkerHair.com. Fittingly, his last O cover – this month’s glam trifecta – showcases his incredible range.

“‘Andre can create so many styles,’ says O director Adam Glassman.  ‘But he always makes sure Oprah looks like Oprah.’

“As for the man himself: ‘Working with Oprah has been life changing,’ says Walker. ‘It’s taken me from the White House to the slums of Mumbai to Tina Turner’s house in the South of France. And along the way, it’s given me a great spiritual teacher.'”

Over the years, Andre has modeled Oprah’s hair into a variety of looks ranging from straight to wavy, big to small, ponytails and frizzes and she is very appreciative of his work. She said, after over three decades of styling, Andre is “why I still have my hair.”

Meanwhile, Andre and his partner Dianne Hudson have developed a new line of hair products including shampoos, conditioners under their Ultimate Gold System.

It was during the celebration of the launch of this line that couture star-maker, Ikram Goldman, hosted an exclusive party at her store recently. When Oprah herself made a surprise appearance, it was to the utter amazement of the A-List crowd.



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