Why Oprah Says She Is Glad She Has No Children


OprahBy: Krystle Crossman

Oprah Winfrey has lead a full and successful life. She has a magazine, television show, her own television network,  is fully involved with charities and has a long term relationship with Stedman Graham, which has outlasted many marriages. The one thing that she did not do in life was have children and she says that she is okay with that.

Recently, actress Octavia Spencer said that she never had children and was perfectly okay with it. Oprah then came out in an interview with Fruitvale Station, the same magazine that Octavia had done her interview with and said that she too was not one to sit and be sad that she never had children of her own. She said that if she had  ever had kids, they probably would have hated her. She understood that she was far too busy with her career and knows that the kids probably would have ended up suffering for it and then resenting her for it.

At the age of 14 Oprah had gotten pregnant and had a baby, but it only lived for a few short weeks. After that she decided that children were not something that she saw in her future. She wanted to be a successful career woman. She was the complete opposite of her best friend Gayle King who Oprah said was the girl that would daydream about having a family one day and already had her children’s names picked out in high school.

Even though she does not have children to take care of at this point Oprah said that she is going to be slowing down her career. She wants to move to Montecito, a small affluent area in California, by the time she is 60. She recently had a huge yard sale, reportedly selling over $600,000 worth of stuff, and gave the money to charity. She is excited to move on to the next chapter in her life.



  1. I,m with oprah, i never had kids and i,m just fine with that also. I always thought i would not be a good mother and i think god knew best.

  2. Oprah would probably not be doing all that she does if she had children. She perhaps does not have chldren b/c she wanted to be married. Shacking is not the same as being married. If it was, no one would get married. It is always someone that has been married that talks about how they should not have gotten married. I believe Oprah wanted to be married to Stedman. He did not ask her. She settled for a shack.

  3. I never married or had children, but that was not my decision. It was G-d’s decision/judegment upon me, along with lupus and fibromyalgia, the chornic illnesses I suffer from. I often wonder what I did to merit this punishment, but there is nothing I can do about it. I have to live with it. I once had a wonderful life, but that is all gone now.

    Oprah has the right to choose whatever lifestyle she wants to have. Money makes many things in this world a lot easier.

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