Why Some People $ext Without Wanting To


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are tons of excuses that you can use to get out of having s*x with your partner if you really don’t feel like it but the old “I have a headache” excuse doesn’t work when your partner wants to $ext. $exting is suggestive texting between two people. While younger people may enjoy $exting and find it to be a thrill, a new study shows that college-age people do not enjoy it as much and often do it even though they really don’t care to.

These texts are now being called “requis*xts” because they are often not sent for fun but more out of obligation. Many people feel that they must send them and respond to them to keep the fire going in the relationship or to be spontaneous.

During the study, 155 college undergrads that were in committed relationships and they were asked about their $exting habits. Over 55% of the females said that they had engaged in $exting when they really were not in the mood. 48% of men had done this as well.

These numbers were close to the ones in a previous study about couples engaging in actual s*x when they really weren’t in the mood. Around 55% of women and 35% of men said that they had consensual s*x even though they didn’t feel like it. The women and men were surprisingly pretty equal in their numbers despite the forethought that the number of women would be higher.

The researchers say that the higher number of men that engaged in unwanted $exting is that high because they often feel that over text it is not an investment into more of a relationship and there is not as much emotional attachment. They say that women do not want to s*xt because it prevents them or delays them from an emotional connection with another person.


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  1. This title is misleading. If you were to accurately describe this particular story, it would be “Why some people sext without wanting to”.

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