Why Some Say [email protected] Is Not Real


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

It has long been debated as to whether bis*xuality is a real thing or whether it is just a term for those who are confused and can’t decide if they are straight or gay. New research shows that it is a real thing, but those who are bis*xual are saying, “no kidding”. Dr. Allen Rosenthal, one of the authors of the study, thinks that this will be a liberating find for men who are bis*xual that may be confused about their feelings.

A study that took place at Northwestern University in 2005 looked at 100 men who were split into three groups. One group was made up of 34 men who identified as straight, the second group was made up of 31 men who identified as gay, and a third group made up of 35 men who identified as bis*xual. The group with the bis*xual men had a specific demographic for the study. They had at least two partners from each gender and had a relationship with each gender that lasted longer than three months. For the study, all of the men were shown different adult films while electrodes were placed on their gen!tals to measure their level of arousal when each gender came on the screen.

The purpose of this study was to show that the men who identified themselves as bis*xual were attracted to both genders and not just one or the other. Many men feel that if they have feelings for a man or are attracted to a man that they are automatically gay, but identify as bis*xual to take some of the pressure off. This study confirmed that men could be s*xually aroused by both genders. A lot of people however found the study to be insulting. They say that this study was trying to say that now that bis*xuality is a “real” thing, they are a part of a community that has always been their life.


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