Why Teens Have [email protected] $ex Even Though It’s not Pleasurable For Them


By: Krystle Crossman

Teens face peer pressure every day. They have to deal with the pressure to drink, do drugs, have s*x. Many resist the pressure and continue on with their lives as they normally live them. But a study of 130 British teens shows a different pressure that many are succumbing to and are not enjoying it at all, but they feel extremely pressured to do it.

The majority of those teens who were interviewed said that they felt overwhelming pressure to have [email protected] s*x with their partner. The guys that were all about it before actually doing it said that it was nothing like they expected and that the reality of it really wasn’t as great as they thought it was going to be. The girls that said that they did it because they felt pressured were looked down upon afterwards by others who learned that they had done it.

Why are these teens giving in to the pressures that are placed on them? It all stems back to social status among their peers. The males think that they will be cooler in the eyes of their friends for having done something that many think is only done in adult movies. The girls also wanted to boost their social status when they did this, but all it does is give them a reputation that is not what they should be carrying around with them.

The study also revealed that many of these teens were not using any type of protection because they were unaware that even when you have [email protected] s*x you can still contract STIs. They were not aware of the dangers that can come from this act and didn’t think about the consequences before engaging in it.

One of the most shocking revelations that came from this study was the fact that the girls felt that they had no control over what types of things they did in the bedroom with a guy. Many felt that they could tell a guy that they didn’t want to do something or weren’t comfortable with a certain act, but in the end the guy had the final say and they would do whatever he asked.



  1. This is scary! The bible speaks against this type of activity. But we as a society have set aside God’s word; and said we will figure life out for ourselves. But we continually keep easing it up. Trust God for deliverance!!!!

    • Freaky sex doesn’t have anything to do with your God. Just tell these teen girls the truth. These boys are using them. They will tell their friends and you will b called a trick behind your back.

  2. To me this is not a man woman act and so for me personally. I would tell the teens to say no, if they were uncomfortable. Besides much of the things these children do they are not ready for it emotionally anyway. All this should take a back seat to education. Sex is pushed everywhere and these children do feel pressured because it is pushed.

  3. Bernadette Sullivan on

    These girls think that they are still virgins. Because they have not been entered vaginally, and their hymen is still intact.

  4. These kids are growig up too fast. They start having sex at the age 13 and by the time they are 18, their bodies are worn out. They need to learn to say no and stick to it. So what if you lose a few friends, at least you will have your youth reputation in tack.

  5. Sad and how deviant of both parties.The sex act was not meant to be done in the rectum under no circumstances.Don’t know how or where it started but it seems to have morphed into normalcy these days.A sad state of affairs for all especially the young.There are many health consequences to be had in any type of sex let alone in the rectum.Say no and mean no never let anyone pressure you into doing something you do not want to do.

    • I agree. And I read about a study last year from the University of Alabama saying that anal sex can lead to incontinence! This is so frightening. I am glad I have no children because I’d be worried sick when they became teens. Like the article said, there is so much peer pressure. I just hope my niece will be strong and avoid all these terrible activities. And be assertive enough to say no to any boy who tries to use her.

  6. I’ve heard of children doing this. Actually a friend pressured me, older lady, about why didn’t I? If any female has anal sex, then vaginal without very thorough cleansing, she can get a nasty infection, could ruin her ability to have children in future. As children will do what others are doing for whatever reason.

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