Why The Natural Approach to Diabetes Is Better Than Drugs That Kill You


blood sugarType II diabetes is more often than not a diet and lifestyle disease which simply means that for most people, if they changed their diet and lifestyle, they could begin to overcome the disease. Unfortunately for most people, when they get tested for type II diabetes and are then diagnosed with it, they are then put on a pharmaceutical management program. While it may seem that the drugs help, they are really just a band-aid solution that is deadly in the long run.

Sadly, many people start to take drugs to manage their type II diabetes before they try to change their diet and start to see results.

Findings from the U.S. government’s Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) clearly support this statement. Of individuals with type 2 diabetes, 69% did not exercise at all or did not engage in regular exercise; 62% ate fewer than five servings of fruits and vegetables per day; and 82% were either overweight or obese.  

Among patients with pre-diabetes, a minimum of 150 minutes a week of physical activity similar in intensity to brisk walking was associated with a 58% reduced risk of developing diabetes. This study, the Diabetes Prevention Program, also looked at early drug therapy with metformin as a possible prevention strategy. The metformin reduced the risk by 31%. In other words, walking was nearly twice as effective!

Natural Approaches to Type 2 Diabetes

Diet alone can often be effective as the sole factor in treating and reversing Type 2. Other lifestyle factors and supplements are important, but treatment of Type 2 begins with diet. There is considerable evidence from clinical trials that a diet low in refined carbohydrates is emerging as the most scientifically proven approach, especially when considering not only its effect on blood glucose levels, but also the effects it exerts in reducing the sequelae of diabetes, such as high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and other complications.

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  2. Being a Type 2 diabetic and a Diabetic advocate I must shed light on several things in your article that need to be clarified. I have a website dedicated to the Type 2 diabetic experience called SEXYDIABETIC.COM. Please read an article in which I wrote about this subject..

    1)”Sadly, many people start to take drugs to manage their type II diabetes before they try to change their diet and start to see results”

    By the time a person is diagnosed with Type 2 the glucose levels are extremely high and it is very important to try and get the levels maintained. Most new diabetics are in a super learning curve about the disease and have to educated. Clinics even in metropolitan cities do not provide adequate services to educate a new diabetic or don’t explain the insidious nature of diabetes so the person doesn’t think it is important. Many people are in denial about their condition and just think a pill with take care of everything for them. So what is a doctor to do? Granted medication is not the end all be all but it is the first response that is acceptable. One the diabetic is education about their disease it is totally fine to discuss with their doctor if diet alone is applicable. Remember Diabetes is not a one size fits all disease.

    Telling people that diabetes treatment should start with the diet is not accurate. Actually there has been an on going debate on which type of diet is appropriate. There are plenty of Type 2 diabetics that do not respond to a low carb diet. This is why the idea of a designated “diabetes diet” is a myth. Plenty of folks have suggested this but there is no medical entity that has sanctioned a particular diet. Even a vegetarian diet is not applicable to every diabetic.

    Diabetes treatment should start with acceptance. There are so many Black folks that are in denial about their condition. They feel perfectly fine to themselves. They refuse to change their diet. They refuse to talk medication. What do you do then. Black people should become their own health advocate and learn about their conditions. As a diabetic, you need a diabetic team on your side. I have all this information on my website….

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