Why This Supermodel Couldn’t Lose 70 Pounds of Pregnancy Weight Exercising 2 Hours a Day


By: Krystle Crossman

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Molly Sims was blessed with a baby boy named Brooks in 2012. Unfortunately her pregnancy kicked in a condition that she didn’t have previously and it had some side effects that were tough to deal with. While pregnant Sims gained 72 pounds. Her highest weight was 204. After she had her son she tried and tried to lose weight but nothing was working.

Sims tried dieting, exercising, and even tried some more unconventional methods. She would workout for an hour and forty-five minutes every day. Sometimes she would wear a trash bag while exercising. This makes you sweat more and can sometimes help you burn more calories. She tried eating well. She went and got acupuncture. She even visited a Chinese herbalist. Nothing seemed to work for her. Finally when she noticed that not only was she not losing weight but her neck had swollen as well she knew it was time to go see a doctor.

After a few quick tests Sims found out that she had thyroiditis. This is the inflammation of the thyroid which messes with your hormones. Some of the symptoms include:

– Fatigue
– Dry and course hair
– Modest weight gain
– Inability to lose weight
– High cholesterol
– Decreased concentration

The treatment for this condition is a thyroid medication that takes care of the hormone imbalance that you have. It helps you to lose weight that you previously could not get rid of and can help you to get back to a normal life.

Sims stated that women need to make sure that if they feel that something is not right with their bodies, ask your doctor. You have to be your own advocate because you know your body better than anyone else does.



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