Why This Woman Breastfed Her Friend’s Baby


By: Krystle Crossman

Mother Eden Strong has had 2 children in her life. She has breastfed three babies however. When her best friend spoke to her about the plight of her own baby, who was just 10 days older than Strong’s latest child, she decided to do something that many women cringe at. Some even told her that it was disgusting. It is something that society frowns upon for no good reason. Strong decided to donate her breastmilk to her friend’s son.

Strong said that she had never really thought about this as an option before and was admittedly a little creeped out in the beginning about the whole idea of it. Breastfeeding someone else’s baby was wrong right? Only she wasn’t physically feeding the child, she was simply pumping her milk, freezing it, and giving it to her friend to thaw out so that she could feed her son. Her friend had come to her one day and told her that she wasn’t able to produce milk. She couldn’t afford expensive formulas either and didn’t like the idea of her child missing out on breastmilk but there was nothing that she could do. Without really thinking about it Strong offered to feed him. Then when she realized what she had offered she realized that it was the right thing to do. Her friend grateful accepted the proposal.

Strong got the okay from her doctor and her friend got the okay from her son’s pediatrician. Everything was going fine and Strong was feeling great about what she was doing. Their inner circle of “mom friends” however had very strong opinions. One woman said it was disgusting. Other women sat in silence, not knowing what to say. They all felt that it was wrong and horrifying. But why? People can donate blood. They can donate organs. They can donate platelets and hair. How is that different from donating milk? All of these things are life-sustaining materials from the body. Strong suspects it is all because of how much society has stigmatized a woman’s [email protected] and turned them into s*xual organs. Not many people think about the fact that they have a very important role in raising a child. She said that she has no regrets at all for what she is done and it’s a shame that others were so disgusted by it.


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