Why We Call Some Women “Attention Wh0res”


2012 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsIf you have ever walked on a public street you have probably heard the phrase “attention wh0re” come up at one point or another. It is used to describe people who seek out attention and pull focus from others. Why do we use this term so often? “Nova” of Rookie Mag believes that it is because people are envious of others who are getting more attention than they are. She says that the term can be applied to everyone but seems to shift towards women more often than not.

As women when we see someone else who is getting a lot of attention and we feel that they don’t deserve this attention, we tend to become envious, which often leads to lashing out. This is a knee-jerk reaction that we may not necessarily mean. Jezebel’s Tracy Moore states: “We all grow up wanting attention and validation. But as girls, we are taught to not beg for it. To not attract unwanted attention. To not draw unnecessary (read: s*xual) attention to ourselves.”

Men and women have the same ability to seek attention and to be shameless but it is usually more women than men. When you call someone a wh0re however you are not only degrading them but you are trying to silence them as well for being someone that you don’t think they should be or don’t want them to be.

When we see other people getting attention that we feel we should be getting, or when we see others getting attention that we feel they do not deserve something inside of us turns to jealousy. Jealousy can turn into angry actions that we may regret later on. Before you called someone an attention wh0re, think about how it would feel if someone called you that and take a step back.


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