Why We Lie About Our S*xual Experiences; Men Lie Too But Tell A Different Lie


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Men and women tend to lie about their s*xual conquests if they think that they are not going to be caught in the lie. However, when they think there is a chance of being found out, the story changes. Researchers from Ohio State University conducted a study of 293 college students. They hooked the students up to a polygraph machine and asked them about their habits, such as dirty joke telling, singing in the shower, and their s*xual histories. Their answers were very truthful other than in the last category where they lied through their teeth.

Along with the polygraph test, they were given a 124 question survey that focused on behaviors that were categorized as “masculine” (wearing dirty clothes) or “feminine” (writing poetry). Half of the students were hooked up to the polygraph before they answered the questionnaires and the other half were hooked up after they answered them.

One thing that the students didn’t know was that the polygraph that they were hooked up to was not functional. They believed that they were still being monitored. They admitted many different things such as making fun of others and lying about their weight, but when it came to their s*xual history men overplayed their numbers and women downplayed. Each gender seemed to want to fit their stereotypes.

While this may seem harmless in the long run, this type of lying can end up with health consequences. If they lie to their doctor about their s*xual history, they could be at risk for not having a disease discovered, and if they lie to their partners, they risk contracting a disease or passing one on.

As times have changed, women have begun to feel a little more liberated about telling the truth about their past, and other studies have found that women sometimes admit to having more s*xual partners than men.



  1. But people are still generally in denial and don't know their status because they won't get tested. Men say that they don't sleep with "those kinda women". Women just ignore the risk. GET TESTED. KNOW YOUR STATUS. USE CONDOMS or ABSTAIN until you are in a committed relationship and have been tested along with your partner.

  2. William H Leonard on

    It's only nature to lie and it's no one business how many partner you have as long as you are protecting your self. The best of all is to abstain.

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