Why We Need To Make S*x Normal


sex educationBy Staff Blogger

Have you ever considered that if s-x was not such a “taboo” subject that maybe we would not have so many STDs, unplanned pregnancies and also guilt and shame surrounding the topic? What if s-x became such a normal “thing” to talk about and be open about that there was less mystery and negativity surrounding it?

S*x. It is something that people think about daily, and sometimes talk about daily as well. For those who only think about it while doing “the deed”, they may be missing out on some major relationship benefits. Making s*x something that is normal in your everyday life can help you be happier and more comfortable with your partner.

A new site has been launched called Make S*x Normal. It is a place where people can post stories and photos telling others about how they are making s*x a part of their daily lives, such as getting tested for STDs together or wearing a shirt that says “S*x geek” on the front of it.

The creator of the website is Debby Herbenick, PhD, who is a s*xual educator at Kinsey Institute. When she talks about making s*x “normal” she means that nothing is taboo or off limits to talk about. When you can speak about s*x comfortably you will see some great benefits in your relationship and your health. Here are some tips on how to do this:

– Baby steps – Start small. Make a list with your partner of things you are curious about trying in bed or that you know you already like.
– Read about it – Books about sex, such as Fifty Shades of Grey get women talking and maybe even give ideas. Read informative s*x books as well to learn a few techniques.
– Shop sexy – Visit a s*x shop or go to a s*x toy party to find out what it’s all about.
– Plan a sexier date – Find new ways to bring up the subject before a date, such as sending him an article about a new position or go to a s*x museum together.
– Know about s*xual health issues – Make sure that you are aware of different issues with your body. Talk to a doctor to get informed.
– Be social – Hang out and talk with other people that are not shy about s*x. It will help you to feel more comfortable speaking about it.


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  1. Sex has always been taboo in America. In Europe it is seen for what it is…a physical pleasure. Sex in America has been dictated by Biblical beliefs and those beliefs have controls and directed pleasure. Eventually this lead to pleasure being seen as bad. Why does someone who does not even know you want to say what you should or should not do with your body and the body of a consenting adult? Too much control and too many who become deviants as a result of the control.

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