Why White Moms Breastfeed and Black Moms Don’t


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By: Krystle Crossman

[email protected] education after your baby is born is an important part of the childbirth process. Some women choose not to do it, but other women want to and just don’t have the information that they need. Many are not sure how to do it and are afraid to do something wrong. This is where the hospital staff should be coming in and helping women who are unsure of what to do. However the CDC conducted a study and found that there were quite a few hospitals that are in areas that are made up mostly of minority patients were not following a certain protocol that deals with [email protected] education.

The CDC has guidelines that are called the Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC). During a survey of these guidelines in 2011 the CDC found that many hospitals that served black communities were failing to fall within the guidelines that are set to educate mothers on [email protected] within an hour of the child being born and to help them initiate it within that hour. As a result surveys have shown that only 62% of black babies are [email protected] as opposed to 79% of white babies.

The CDC also found that in cities that had a 12.2% black population or higher were the most likely not to educate women after they have had their babies. The study showed that these hospitals were failing to initiate [email protected] within an hour after the child was born (46% of hospitals that served the black communities), limiting infant food to [email protected] only if the mother is [email protected] (13.1%), and having the infants stay in the room with the mother after they are born (27.7%). Less black women are [email protected] once they have left the hospital as well.

There are a few reasons that black women have lower [email protected] rates than white women. There is very little marketing for items such as nursing pads or pumps that show minority women. There is also a stigma that [email protected] is for poor people which shames many women out of doing it. Then there are the hospitals that are not educating and helping these women as they should while they are there. The actions of the hospitals have a huge effect of how well a mother is able to feed later down the road.



  1. Robin Montgomery on

    Didn’t read entire article, as a matter of fact only read title. Who does these surveys/polls? Black Women breastfed slave owners children, we do breastfeed, I remember as a child my neighbor was one of my Inspirations to Nurse actually. She sat on the porch after coming in from work and hold baby and talk to him and when his hungry cry began he she would feed him right then and there. I nursed all 7 of mine. Yes I am one and my example makes two but two for two is a winner, I don’t know how many or where you polled, my 5 daughters nursed short time well 4 daughters, one doesn’t have children, but non-biological daughter nursed. Hmmm there goes 5 more, 9 out of 10 pretty good odds so far, I really just want to know who and why these polls between, white and black and why constant pitting the two against one another we know the real…We Are The Stronger….guess I will go read article in entirety now…..okay just read the article, certainly glad I wrote my thoughts before reading smh…this article was whack! you were really selling the idea of education of nursing, well do the stats of those that decline teaching every and all mothers, furthermore if you’ve only taught percentage, then the polls/surveys are actually displaying bias opinions, so! Lame!! YOU (white) people are significantly inferior because you always find a way to compare and appear better taking our ways, thoughts and ideas ..Losers! we ARE ALL ONE by Original Design

    • Georgia Johnson on

      Right on , Right on! Say it again and again I am from the Generation that saw Black Women Breast feeding white Babies.Now they want to suggest that our Women are the ones who don’t know how to breast feed our BABIES It is Still ELDERS like myself who know better and can tell our grandchildren the TRUTH not what we heard but what we seen with our EYES.

    • Charmaine Owens on

      Robin I agree. I’m a R.N. who works with sick newborns. All the MD’s there are SO fixated on breast feeding only, that if any mom says no to breast feeding,she’ll be accosted with why she should until she gives in. In this country I thought we had choices. But with continued studies, polls and grant monies these guerrillas tactics on new, experienced or tired mom’s will only get worst. How do you as a Doctor insist on an invasive procedure to start an IV with fluids, refuse formula to a new born who crys and not feed until Mom’s milk comes down. The lie of nipple confusion is told when in truth any baby will take to the breast when Mom is ready, and at ease. Our sick minority babies are being put at risk for the sake of a breast. Heal them 1st, Dr’s remember your motto.. do no harm?

  2. Pernell Parham on

    It says that 62% of black women breastfeed, as opposed to 79% of white women, so that contradicts the main focus of they article. Useless!

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