Why Wife and Girlfriend of Dead Man Both Published His Obituary


By: Krystle Crossman

Leroy “Blast” Bill Black lived a full life. This became apparent to the world when his wife and his long-time girlfriend both published their own obituary for him after he passed away from cancer. Press of Atlantic City published both the obituary from Black’s wife Bearetta Harrison Black and Princess Hall, his girlfriend. They were printed one on top of the other in the newspaper. A photo capture of the paper went viral and soon the world new about Black’s double life that he had been leading. The photo has been spread all over Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. People are getting a kick out of Black’s philandering and it is making him posthumously famous!

The 55-year-old Atlantic City resident had been a fiberglass technician at South Shore Contractors for most of his life. He also worked at the Ocean City Water Park. According to the obituary posted by his girlfriend he had developing lung cancer from inhaling pieces of fiberglass fro his job. He passed away at his home on August 2nd, 2016. They stated that he was surrounded by family at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife and three sons. It looks as though the paper had made a mistake and printed the same obituary twice but the information on each is different. The obituary submitted by his wife did not mention Hall, and Hall’s posting did not mention his wife. Both mentioned his children, but Hall’s only mentioned one son, Jazz Black with the other two, Malcom and Josiah Harrison Fitzpatrick were not mentioned. Hall mentioned more family members such as siblings as well.

Many have questioned why both obituaries were allowed to be published, especially one right on top of the other one. The funeral director at Greenridge Funeral Home said that each of the women wanted his eulogy to be different and no one could come to an agreement, so they sent both in to the newspaper. They couldn’t even agree on the name that was to be published. His wife stated that he went by his middle name which was Bill. His girlfriend said that his nickname was Blast. No matter what it was called it seems that he had two women who cared very much about him.



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