Why Women Are Using Craigslist to Sell Positive Pregnancy Tests To Women Who Are Not Pregnant


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Craigslist is a place where people can find goodies, electronics, apartments, jobs, and even pets. It is also a very dangerous place if you are not careful. Some use the site to scam others. One peculiar trend that has been coming up lately is women selling their positive pregnancy tests on the site. The purpose for this? To allow other women to trick their boyfriends into thinking they are pregnant to get them to stay around, or to make them think they are pregnant and then getting an abort!on so that the man will give them money for the procedure which they can then spend on themselves.

Another reason that women want positive pregnancy tests is so as to pressure their boyfriends into marriage, hoping that they can then get pregnant if their man thinks they are already pregnant.

This does not put women into a good light. Why would women do this? Do they not realize that this is a classless move? There are already so few women role models out there who are strong, confident, and independent of a man, and this type of behavior puts less and less of that out into the world. Women will buy these tests for $25-$30 and use them to scam men. That does not make you a role model…that makes you a con artist. There are already so many men in the world that do not believe a positive pregnancy test because of women that do things like this to trick men, this only adds to that lack of trust for women who are decent.

When you become pregnant it should be a beautiful and miraculous event. Instead these women are turning it into a bargaining chip for their own gain. Not only does this behavior place mistrust in the minds of men everywhere, but it also places mistrust in friends, families, and coworkers. Would you rather be respected and trusted among your peers or is that new pair of shoes really worth the degradation of your character?


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