Why Women Are Complaining About Italian Domestic Violence PSA


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There is a very upsetting statistic that exists today. Over 32% of women between the ages of 16 and 70 have endured some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. This is a huge topic in the media right now. The NFL has been suspending and banning players that have been found to be involved in any domestic violence. Ray Rice was one of the most prominent cases in the news after a surveillance video in an elevator showed him punching his then-fiancee out cold and dragging her out of the elevator. After Rice other players began to be suspended for violence.

There have been commercials on television where celebrities try to talk about domestic violence but it is a tough subject to deal with. In Italy a group decided to make a short film about domestic violence and the stars were children. They had a group of boys who were ages 7 to 11. They were asked questions about themselves and about the things that they liked to do. They were then introduced to a girl named Martina. They were instructed to smile at her, talk to her, brush her hair away from her face, and touch her face in a loving manner. Then they were asked to give her a nice hard slap across the face. Every single one of the boys were taken aback by this instruction. Fortunately every single one of them refused to do it.

When asked why they would not slap her they told the producers that it was wrong, a woman should never be hit, and one boy even said “because I’m a man”. They knew that it was wrong and even though it may have been a scripted film, the message still comes through. However the video has had some complaints stating that the girl in the video is made out to be just an object of these boys affection and not a strong and independent young girl. Rebecca Hains, a children’s media expert, stated that young boys need to be taught that girls are not supposed to just be a prize to be won but a mutually respected partner.

Overall the message still comes across very clearly. It is never right for a man to hit a woman and we need to start teaching this to our children at an early ago.


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