Why Women Need to Cry


cryingBy: Krystle Crossman

Some people feel that crying is a weakness. They think that if someone sees them crying it is a sign that they have no control over their emotions or they feel they are overly emotional. What they don’t realize is that tears are actually really good for you. They are a means of release for all of the emotions that you are feeling, such as sadness, depression, grief, and anger. There are tears of joy and happiness as well.

Tears are technically salt water. They lubricate the eyes, reduce the stress hormones, and they remove irritants from your eyes. They also have antibiotic properties that can kill tiny microbes that can grow around your lids. There are three different kinds of tears that the body produces and they all have different benefits.

1. Reflex – These tears clear out anything that irritates the eye, such as if you get smoke in your eye or if you have a small particle stuck under the lid.

2. Continuous – These tears are ones that lubricate your eyes. They contain something called lysozymes which are anti-bacterial enzymes.

3. Emotional – The third type of tears are the ones that do the most for us. They are the emotional tears. These come out when you are sad, happy, angry, or frustrated. These tears contain stress hormones while reflex tears are 98% water. These hormones that are expelled help you to release the stress of the emotion that is causing you to cry in the first place. It is necessary to cry when you are experiencing a flood of emotions. You will notice that it does make you feel better.

Many people have grown up in families that are embarrassed about crying or do not express emotions very often. This leads to them believing that crying is for the weak and not something that they should be doing. In reality, crying makes you stronger and helps you to heal much quicker.



  1. I find it very cleansing to cry during my prayers and I won’t stop praying until I weep. I am so glad that you brought this topic up with such clarity.
    I wish this article could reach more people, that are medicating themselves with side effects when weeping is more effective for depression and many other emotions. Thank you for getting the word out there.

  2. Sista from City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection on

    I also cry when I pray, I don’t cry I weep, I have been doing this since I was a little girl. My family thought something was wrong with me, until my pastor told them that it was God touching my soul and to leave alone. I recently lost my husband and best friend of 25 years to cancer. I really can’t control these emotions,I cry at the drop of the hat. When I see something, a picture of him or just a thought of him my heart aches. My grief counselor told me to let it out wherever I am and I do. Only god knows when this will stop.

  3. Crying is GREAT for men and women. Christ the Black Messiah cried. We all need to cry and share why we did with someone we trust. Crying is good & easy. Do it!

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