Why Women Should Lift Heavier Weights


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you are at the gym doing your workout, do you go easy on the weights or do you lift something heavier? New research suggests that women should lift heavier weights to keep burning fat through the day and here is why.

1. Cardio has been touted as the fat-burning workout for the gym, and while it does burn fat while you are working out, the second you step off the treadmill the fat burning stops. One study says that heavy lifting for two days a week can help you to burn 3% of your body fat without cutting calories.

2. You will become more defined when you lit heavier weights. It will tone your muscles while burning fat. Due to low testosterone levels, women cannot build muscles like men so you should go for definition.

3. Research has shown that when you lift heavier weights you can help maintain bone mass and even possibly build new bone mass which fights osteoporosis.

4. While an hour of cardio burns more calories than an hour of weight lifting you will burn 100 or so more calories through the rest of the day if you lift heavier weights.

5. You can increase your strength by lifting heavier instead of doing more reps of lighter lifting.

6. Lifting heavier weights can help you to lose your belly fat. It can lessen the risk of diabetes, some cancers, and metabolic syndrome.

7. It will boost your mood and make you feel empowered. Think about it…you are listening to some awesome music on your iPod while lifting heavy weights…doesn’t that make you feel powerful?

8. Strengthening your muscles can help your joints, especially around your knees. The stronger your muscles are the better protection your joints get.


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