Why Women With High Blood Pressure Should Lift Heavier Weights


By: Krystle Crossman

Lifting heavy weights may not be your cup of tea. You sweat, your arms ache, you can’t possibly squeeze out one more rep. While this may not be the workout for you, what you may not realize is that you are doing a lot more than toning your body. When you lift heavier weights you are burning fat faster and are also helping to lower your blood pressure.

A study took place in Brazil to test the effects of heavier weights with women. There were three different groups used for the study. They took sedentary women and placed them in a group that sat and did nothing for 40 minutes, a group that lifted weights where they could only go through 3 sets of 10 reps, and a final group that lifted weights that were 60% of what they could actually lift (which means the weights were lighter).

They found that the group that lifted the heavy weights not only had a much higher heart rate than the other two groups but when the women woke up in the morning they had a lower blood pressure. This is significant because heart attacks usually happen early in the morning.

What the results of this study show are that it is good to push yourself sometimes. If you go into the gym lifting weights and are breezing through the reps, is it really doing you any good? You need to get your heart rate going in order to burn fat and gain more muscle and you can’t do that on easy weights. Push yourself a little more the next time that you go to the gym and notice the difference that it makes.


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