Why You Feel Like Hopping In Bed With Your Ex


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Around the holidays many single people feel the pressure to find someone. They see their friends with their significant others and can’t help but feel alone. A recent survey showed that 26% of singles ran back and hooked up with their ex in the month of December. The survey was conducted by the online dating site Plenty of Fish with over 9,000 singles responding.

When the pressure is on and you can’t find someone around the holidays you may become desperate. This is about the time that you pick up the phone and dial your ex’s number. Even if you don’t necessarily have feelings for them anymore, they are better than nothing right? They are comfortable, familiar, and most of the time…they are there.

Even if you are really lonely and desperate you should stop to think before you pick the phone up. They are your ex for a reason right? So what is the real reason that you are thinking about getting back together with them? Is it just because you are lonely and want someone around the holidays? After the holidays are over are you going to continue with them or are you going to dump them again? If you plan on moving on after the holidays are over it may be in your best interest to stay away. You will end up hurting him and could even hurt yourself in the process.

Even though your friends have someone in their lives it doesn’t mean that you have to. Instead try going out and meeting some other singles to have a party with over the holidays. It may end up being far more fun than hooking up with someone you are just going to break up with!



  1. Solid advice because I did that three years ago, and wished I hadn’t bothered because he had an addiction I had no idea was part of his lifestyle. Homie was on some crazy sh÷t, and to make a long story short, I never spoke with him again as a result..

  2. Why would any woman or man be so desperate around the Holidays that she or he feels that they have too have a roll in the hay with an Ex for what?? and then when it’s over the fact still remains you are still single and lonely how about surrounding yourself around family and friends and if you don’t have that take don’t have a pity party take in some movies there are plenty things that one can do too entertain themselves.I have no idea why pwople even celebrate this pagan day anyway it has been turn into nothing but commerialism, greed, violence,and massive debt

  3. Here is a solution for all you lonely women, come to New Orleans & enter into “placage”, specifically “neauveau-placage”, if you find the right man and you will never be lonely again. At the very least, have a revellion dinner….I might join you!

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