Why You Get Much Less Sleep Than Your Man


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

A new study from Cambridge University has shown that women spend more time physically in bed than men do, but they get less sleep than men do, on average.

The study showed that 63.3% of the men that responded said that they never had any trouble falling asleep. That number is almost double the number of women who said that they never had that problem. The women came in at 39.6%. This was not the most common complaint that women had about sleeping through the night. The biggest issue was waking up early. 11.7% of men and 14.7% of women said that they tended to wake up sooner than they would like to.

Middle insomnia is another problem that seemed to be prevalent in women. 14.7% of women said that they would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. 9% of men reported having this problem. The people that seemed to have this problem the least were those who were young, employed, and in good health.

Women were shown to spend more time in bed physically than men, a good 15 minutes longer, but due to the sleep issues that they faced, they got 11 minutes less sleep than men did. While there is no specific reason that has been found yet as to why women have a harder time sleeping than men, often times, it has come back to health issues. A woman who is in good health is more likely to sleep through the night and not have any troubles getting to sleep than a woman who is in poor health. Healthy women had a lower sleep/awake and in bed proportion than their unhealthy counterparts.


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