Why You May Accuse Your Man Of Cheating While He Thinks He’s Innocent


Young woman upset with man on phoneBy: Krystle Crossman

There are two different types of infidelity. You have emotional infidelity where there is no s*xual contact but you have an emotional relationship with someone other than your partner. Physical infidelity is more about s*x than connecting with another person. So which one of these is worse? A new study shows that the answer all depends on which gender you ask.

Kansas State University conducted a study on 477 adults. There were 239 women and 238 men. They were asked to fill out questionnaires that covered many different topics with questions about relationships and also questions about infidelity. One of the questions about the different types of infidelity was, “Which distresses you more: Imagining your partner enjoying passionate s*xual interc0urse with another person or imagining your partner forming a deep emotional attachment with another person?”

The results were interesting and very clear cut. The women reported that they would be far more distressed if they thought about their partner making a deep emotional connection with another woman. The men however said that they would feel far more distressed if their partner were sleeping with another man.

The point of the study was to look at the different relationship factors and see which would play more of a role in how someone felt one way or the other. They looked at factors such as habits in the relationship and the level of trust that was between partners. Unfortunately the main goal that they were after with the study showed to be completely irrelevant. The only factor that they found mattered when it came to which type of infidelity was worse was whether they were male or female.


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