Why You Must “get it on” EVERY Day


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Everyone looks for the key to happiness and health in life. One major contributor is “getting it on” with your man. Here are reasons that you should have s*x every single day to be the happiest and healthiest that you can be!

1. Exercise – S*x is a great workout. It gets the heart pumping, the blood circulating, and releases hormones that make you happy.

2. Relaxation – Stress is a part of everyday life but you can help to take that stress away with a daily romp in the sack.

3. Youth – When you have s*x hormones are released that help your skin and your mood. The exercise also helps with your weight. This all makes you look more youthful.

4. Blood Pressure – If you have high blood pressure it is time for a little workout with your significant other every day. It helps to reduce your diastolic (the bottom number) pressure.

5. Heart – S*x can help to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

6. Immunity – Having s*x can help to build your immunity so that you can get rid of those nasty colds.

7. Pain-free – Studies have shown that having s*x frequently can decrease any pain that you may be feeling at the time.

8. Stronger muscles – Your pelvic muscles will get a great workout and will become stronger.

9. Trust – The more you have s*x with your partner, the more trust you can build with them.

10. Period – Having s*x can help to regulate the hormones that regulate your period.

11. Sleep – Ever notice how you are sleepy after a little fun in the bedroom? This is because the exercise that you are getting causes you to be tired once it’s over.

12. Long life – All of the benefits such as your heart health, the lowered blood pressure, and the extra sleep all end up adding years to your life.




  1. Nick Westbrooks on

    Some ancient peoples and some people now have postulated that frequent male ejaculation resulted in the loss of cerebrospinal (brain) fluid. I haven’t had a chance to look into this yet, so I’m not sure if it’s true. Has anyone else or the writer come across this claim?

  2. I’m a AARP member who recently returned to the life of intimacy. Romance & S*x is the key to a healthier & happier life. I look much younger than my age and I feel awesome . My love & I have our own love story going. I was MIA for 26 years and he found me. He makes me laugh and processes such a deep inner soul sweetness that defies a description. All hail strong beautiful Black Men & Women of all ages.

  3. Those twelve points make a lot of sense in regard to being happy and healthy. Unfortunately, American couples engage in intimacy on an average of one time a week (even when things are going well). Everyday sounds good…but the sad reality is…it probably doesn’t happen in many American households. And that’s the truth…RUTH!!!

  4. I LOVE it! I am very interested! 🙂 Sex everyday is beautiful in a perfect world. The 10 reasons list as a result of having daily sex, I think is realist. The thought of sex is energizing. There is a 19 year age difference between my wife and myself. Sex works for us on a average of 4 times a week. We are healthy.

    Send Judah First / DrChuckee

  5. Are there any suggestions for a male that has had a Radical Prostectomy? Having sex once a month would be very pleasing to my spouse. I would just love to make her smile and keep her as happy as she wants to be, but I know that there are underlying feelings and she is so beautiful that she keeps them botched up inside and continues to tell me how much she loves me. “Any Help Available”?
    Thank you for your responses.

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