Why You Must Not Always Assume Water Is Healthy For You


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Water is something that we all assume is the healthiest thing for our bodies. We are made up of mostly water and we must drink it in order to stay properly hydrated, so it can’t be bad for us right? Wrong! Here are 6 ways that water can be unhealthy for you.

1. The bottle that you are drinking your water out of may have a chemical in it called bisphenol A, also known as BPA. This chemical can have some really negative side effects, especially in children or infants.

2. You use a reusable bottle for the convenience and also to help save the planet by not throwing out a ton of water bottles. While that is all well and good you need to remember to wash out those reusable bottles once in a while. When you put the lid on an almost empty container with water in it the air becomes humid and is a great environment for bacteria to live in.

3. Don’t forget to clean your showerhead and never drink water that comes from it. The showerhead is one of the largest bacteria storages in your house. When you turn the water on the bacteria go flying.

4. Drinking Crystal Light or any other flavor additive in your water is no good for you. There are a ton of artificial sweeteners which are bad in their own right, but adding it into water takes that to a whole new level. Go for a fresh piece of fruit like a lemon in your water instead.

5. It is hard to do but did you know that you can actually drink too much water? When you have too much water in your system, you can develop hymonatremia. This is when you have so much water that the sodium levels are dropping dangerously low. A basic rule of thumb is not to drink so much water so that you are full off of just that.

6. There are some companies out there who have started adding caffeine into their water. This is not good to have at all. Because the caffeine is in plain old water you are more likely to drink a ton of it. This can leave you addicted to caffeine, miserable, and cranky.



  1. Drink clean water with a high PH level at least 8-9 on the ph scale.

    The human body ph level is 7.3.

    Dansia water by Coca Cola is not good water 5.4. ph

    I drink spring water.

    • TruSevenCipher on

      I know you meant Dasani, but you are correct. Dasani also contains potassium chloride, the same chemical used for lethal injections. Even though it is a small amount, why put ingredients in water anyway? Yes, spring water is best.

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