Why You Need To Add Hemp Seed To Your Diet


By: Krystle Crossman

If you have ever eaten flaxseeds you know that they have great benefits for your health. A cousin to the flaxseeds are hemp seeds. While they will not make a huge impact on your overall health there are some pretty great benefits. There are three different ways that you can incorporate hemp into your diet to get these benefits.

Hemp Seeds: The seeds are tiny but they pack a powerful punch. They are loaded with omega-3s and omega-6. They are also high in fiber and have a lot of magnesium. When you eat the recommended amount of magnesium in your diet you will find that it can help control your blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and give you more relaxation. It may also be a contributing factor in fighting osteoporosis. You can sprinkle hemp seeds on a salad or a sandwich or you can throw them in yogurt and smoothies.

Hemp protein powder: Hemp protein is a great substitute for animal protein if you don’t eat meat. The hemp powder is different from a normal protein shake powder because it has a good amount of carbs (9g) and fiber (8g). It is better used for a base for a meal replacement shake instead. You still get the benefits of the hemp seeds such as the magnesium and iron and the protein will fill you up.

Hemp oil: Hemp oil is not only used in beauty products but also has many uses in the kitchen. It is a great oil to add to a salad but is not recommended for use with high heat cooking because it can oxidizes the fats in the food.

Keep in mind when you are adding hemp to your diet that it can cause calories to add up and it also lacks the amino acid leucine which is a muscle building acid.



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