Why You Need To Have Morning $ex


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By: Krystle Crossman

When you wake up next to your partner with your morning breath, disheveled hair, and full bladder, the last thing on your mind may be “getting it on”. Men don’t seem to care about these little details too much because they are almost always ready to go! Their testosterone levels peak in the morning. However, women’s testosterone levels peak in the morning as well, so morning nookie can be just as good for you as it can be for him! Here are some common excuses that people use as to why they don’t get busy in the morning more often:

– “There is too much to do in the morning, I am too rushed”: When women wake up they are often thinking about the day ahead and everything that they need to do. To start, don’t check your work email while you are still in bed in the morning, this can cause you to stress out even more. Leave the work email behind for a little while. Women need to be relaxed in order to gain pleasure from s*x, so put away those thoughts until after breakfast.

– “I don’t feel $exy at all in the morning”: Not many people do. Keep some mints by your bedside for the morning breath. Brush your teeth if you really have to but get right back to bed. If you are really self-conscious about your breath, don’t kiss.

– “I just don’t feel like it”: While you may not feel like having $ex when you wake up, your body is more than ready due to your increased testosterone levels. Have your guy  work his magic and soon you will be in the mood too.

– “It’s too bright out”: While broad daylight is not the most flattering lighting for anyone while they are naked, don’t be ashamed of your body. If you are in a relationship, bare it all to your partner. It will help you to bond.



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