Why You Need To Settle Down and Have Kids If You’re Not a Celebrity


10161156-black-woman-with-pregnancy-test-in-bathroom-getting-bad-news-vertical-shapeBy: Krystle Crossman

Women everywhere are waiting longer and longer to have children and get married. They are focused on their careers and end up becoming so busy that they don’t have time to find love. However, when they are finally settled in their jobs and want to get the rest of their life settled, it is almost too late. Women in their 40s looking for marriage and a family may be out of luck. Many men want to marry women who are in their early 30s or younger since they will be able to have multiple children. Women who are older often find that their eggs have long since “dried up” and they are no longer able to have a family.

A lot of women think that just because they are still ovulating they can still become pregnant. This is not always true however. Research has shown that older women have a harder time getting pregnant because by the time they have hit their 30s, they have already used up 90% of the reserve in their ovaries. Even though they continue to produce eggs into their 40s, the space in which the eggs are stored has shrunk considerably which means there are less potential eggs being produced.

Women see celebrities in the media getting pregnant in their 40s and even 50s in some cases, but what you don’t know is that they are probably getting pregnant because the celeb is using another woman’s eggs. We don’t always know all of the details about their lives> We only know what we are shown on the media and that can give women a false sense of reality when it comes to fertility.

You are born with all of the eggs that you are going to produce in your lifetime, and as you get older you begin to run out of eggs. They mature in the ovaries until your body is ready to begin ovulating. Once the reservoir is depleted, there are no eggs left. It is different for every woman, so we may not have as much time to get pregnant as we think we do.



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