Why You Need To Take It Easy With Your Exercise Regime



By: Krystle Crossman

When you go for a workout you are most likely planning an intense routine that will get your heart pumping. High-intensity interval training is all the rage these days with CrossFit gyms popping up in every city. Along with these boot camp-like workouts comes forgetfulness. What are you forgetting? Moderate-intensity extended workouts. Whatever happened to a nice 30 minute jog or a brisk walk through the park with some of your friends? Yes, there are many benefits to doing high-intensity workouts but here are five reasons why you should not give up on moderate-intensity workouts just yet.

1. You are training for endurance: If you are running a marathon or a triathlon, you need to work on your endurance. High-intensity workouts are great for strength training but not endurance. Your body adapts to the kinds of workouts that you do and so if you are running in a marathon you are not going at a high-intensity speed. Your body will wear down quicker.

2. High-intensity workouts have a higher risk of injury. Take some time to slow down, let your body recover for a bit, and do a nice light workout. You are still exercising but you are not pushing your body to a limit that it does not want to go to.

3. If you are new to regular exercise, CrossFit probably is not the kind of workout that you want to be doing. You need to ease into exercise with low to moderate impact activities such as briskly walking, lifting weights, or an aerobics class.

4. Burning a huge amount of calories in one session feels great, but you will burn yourself out pretty quickly if you do that every day. You can still do a moderate workout and burn calories, you just won’t become as exhausted.

5. You may like moderate intensity workouts more than you like high impact stuff. Squats into jumps and burpees may not be the workout for you, but you do it because you think that it will help you to get healthier, faster. This is not true. Stick to a workout you like so that you will continue to do it.


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