Why You Really Need To Get Naked Every Single Day


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror after you get out of the shower? Do you look over your naked body with disdain and anguish or do you love your body for what it is, in all its stripped down glory? Writer Nicola James Hobbs thinks that you should be looking at your body more often and forgetting about the imperfections that you think you see. Look at it and really appreciate it for what it is. Find all of the positives and push away the negatives.

Hobbs says that although she is now a physically healthy woman, she wasn’t always. She struggled with anorexia at the age of 19. Now that she is fit and more comfortable she likes to share her experience and knowledge with those around her who are experiencing the same feelings. Here are five reasons that Hobbs says you should get naked every single day.

1. Everyone’s body tells a story about them as a person. If you are constantly bashing yourself for the way you look you will never get to know the real story of you. Once you do learn to love yourself you can get to know your story and write the ending the way you wish.

2. When you are standing naked and exposed you are complete. It is all out there, body and soul. If you wish to feel complete in life all you need to do is say hello to your imperfect body and see it for what it is.

3. Be vulnerable. Let’s be honest, you are never more vulnerable than when you are completely naked. If you are allowing yourself to be this vulnerable it means that you are allowing yourself to be daring.

4. Flip the world off. You don’t need to try and make their standard of what they feel real beauty is. You are unique and your body is amazing just the way it is.

5. Face your fear. Many people are afraid to be naked and if you are one of those people push the fear aside and make room for confidence.



  1. Im a phatgurl and i love me. Small ain’t always healthy and i dnt have a problem with me this fkd up society does. I concur look at yourself and write your own life story. When ya think ya know, ya don’t know nothin! 100!!!!

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