Why You Should Avoid Short-cuts Like Drive-through Pharmacies and Eating Lunch At Your Desk


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When you are given a medication to take you are given very specific instructions along with that medication. These instructions are not just there for reading material. They are there because there are contents in the medicine that are altering your body’s way of functioning and you need to be aware of the problems that can occur if you alter your body’s chemistry too much. Here are 7 medication no-nos and medical shortcuts that you shouldn’t take.

1. Avoid pharmacy drive-throughs. They may be more convenient for you but you don’t get the opportunity to speak with a pharmacist and ask questions that you may have. There is also a higher risk for medication mix-ups.

2. You rely on your gynecologist only and don’t see a primary doctor. A gynecologist is a doctor, but they specialize in the reproductive system. They may not be as well versed in other illnesses that could be affecting you, such as heartburn or mental illnesses. They may not screen for diseases such as diabetes or cancer either.

3. After an intense spin class you run right to the shower. This is bad for you because after intense cardio your heart rate needs to come down slowly, but if you get in the shower you are not moving much and your heart rate rapidly declines. This can cause lightheadedness.

4. If you sleep with your contacts in, it is time to switch to glasses or change your night-time routine. When you sleep with contacts in, you are suffocating your corneas as less and less oxygen can get to them through your lids and your contacts.

5. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. It is full of bacteria, almost 400 times more than your bathroom! If you have to eat at your desk, keep plenty of Lysol handy and clean the desk every single day.

6. Don’t shop online at night. You are wasting money and losing sleep that you should be getting. You will end up with shopper’s remorse in the morning.

7. Whatever happened to meeting with friends face to face? We are all so stuck on our computers and cell phones these days that we are lacking in social interaction skills. Get out and have lunch with your friends instead of sending them an Instagram pic of your sandwich!


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