Why You Should Dry Brush: Reduces Cellulite, Boosts Circulation, Eliminates Toxins + More


dry-brushThere are many commercials on television, the internet and on magazines that all promise that if you buy their lotions, potions and pills, you will be rid of cellulite forever.

The problem with many of these so called solutions is that they are often ineffective and by the time that women find out that they are not going to get any results, they have spent their money and have to just count it as a loss.

The good news is that dry brushing is one solution that is actually effective and it doe snot have to cost exorbitant amounts of money.

When we’d heard dry skin brushing was an effective method for reducing cellulite, we knew we had to include it in our anti-cellulite road test. Sure enough, it was indeed one of the more succesful ways to smooth away less-than-perfect spots on your legs. But the more we looked into it, the more benefits we learned this relatively simple routine had to offer. Not only does it buff away dead skin, but it’s fantastic at boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage, and ultimately ridding the body of toxins. Your skin is your biggest organ, after all.

Benefits: In addition to sloughing away dry skin on areas like knees, elbows and ankles, body brushing promotes tighter skin, cell renewal and blood flow. This also helps the lymphatic system release toxins and aids in digestion and kidney function. You’ll also notice a glowy, smooth complexion. We love it because it’s one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective things we can do for promoting healthy skin.

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