Why You Should Empower Other Women Everyday Instead of Compete With Them


By: Krystle Crossman

Women already have a hard enough time in the professional world without bringing each other down. We should all be empowering each other instead of competing with each other. Unfortunately women are often portrayed in the media as predatory, competitive, and manipulative towards other women. Here are some reasons why you should empower instead of compete according to author Nancy O’Reilly:

1. When you give something to someone else or when you do something good for them it activates the pleasure center in the brain. You will live longer because you are happier and more content when you are able to make someone else happy with your actions. Empowering another women to be successful can make you feel fantastic, especially if you get to watch their journey.

2. When you help one woman, you are helping so many more. There is a ripple effect that happens when good deeds and compassion are around. Let’s say that there is a woman in your office who has expressed interest in going for a management position. Instead of being threatened that she will be in a higher position than you and competing with her for it, tell her all of the reasons that you feel that she would be a great fit. Encourage her to pursue the position that she wants, even if it is something that you want as well. She in turn will encourage others and the domino effect will occur.

3. Showing someone else that they are valued and have worth is a gift that is priceless. You never know who could be harboring self-doubt or depression because they feel like they aren’t good enough. When they hear that someone else values them it helps them to see that they have a lot to offer and can completely change the course of their life.

4. By empowering other women you can join forces and go on to do terrific things together. There is so much that can be accomplished when you get a group of powerful women together. For example if you are trying to collect clothes for a family that has lost everything in a fire it could be a daunting task to take on by yourself. If you gather a group of women together each of you can collect a moderate amount and bring it all together to give the family everything that they need in a short amount of time.

5. It is a woman’s instinct to nurture others. In times of need our instinct usually kicks in. We stop thinking about ourselves and put other people’s needs at the forefront. This is when great things are accomplished.


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