Why You Should Give Up Meat Forever…Or Not


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are a lot of things that you can do for your health and to better your lifestyle and one of those things is giving up meat. While you may be thinking that people have been eating meat for millions of years and it can’t be bad for you, read on to see why this logic may not be true.

1. Eating as a vegetarian is much healthier for you than eating animal products. The plants grow with sunlight. They have vitamins and minerals that help your body in a million different ways. When you eat animal products you are still getting some of the energy from the plants but not a lot. It is second hand energy because it went through the animal’s digestive system first. Another great thing about eating plants is that you absorb photons which give you a type of glow to your skin and make you look and feel alive.

2. Giving up meat is better for the environment as well. It takes 16 pounds of grains to process one pound of animal product. The plants and slaughterhouses where the animals are processed have been shown to be linked to global warming due to the large amount of pollution that they cause. More land is needed to raise all of the livestock so the natural habitats of other animals are destroyed to make way for these fields.

3. Now think about the animals. Most of them live in poor conditions and are not well-kept. More animals are slaughtered every year than there are people in the world. When they are slaughtered it is usually not kind or dignified. Instead it could almost be considered torturous.

With these reasons it is easy to see why giving up meat could be a great thing for not only you but for the environment and the animals as well. There is a benefit to eating meat however, and that is that it tastes delicious. It also has a lot of protein in it. Is taste really worth risking the three above-mentioned reasons? Only you can decide for yourself.



  1. Good job of pretending to have good reasons for eating meat.
    We, as a species, are killers. We study killing, we watch killing, and we promote killing when we buy certain products. We are consumed with death. Therefore, death will continue to consume us….

  2. Wow! Great story i’ve thought about becomming a vegian many times beacuse it can only prolong my life. However, that’s a Tough decision. My Mom and Nana says… don’t dig your grave with a fork and a knife. Meaning, push away from that Table and make some changes.

  3. Harold,

    Most meat-eaters in the world including the Animal world with the exception of one or two live & eat in balance.
    Prey and Predator live side by side in harmony (MAAT)

    Antelope run when the lion attacks and when the catch is made they go back to grazing directly in eye sight of the kill and subsequent feast instead of continuous running to get further away from the Lion; This is because they know that he and she (Lions) are not going on a killing spree whereby everything within eyeshot must die once their requirements are made.

    Most indigenious people the world over with the exception of the European that on occasion ate meat use to operate on the same harmonious basis with rituals included because the taking of life for food has some significance, so much so that it was accompanied with a prayer or some ritual.
    I mean for example, why is it everywhere Europeans infest the natural animal inhabitants lives become stressed and extinction is the only destinty before them.

    If you see some of the old footage where europeans are standing proudly where they cowardly shot some animal at a distance and call themselves (sic) hunters piled up around them multiple LIONs TIGERS ELEPHANTS RHINO APES MONKEYS ANTELOPES BIRDs to name a few. Then these people ask you to give them monies to save the animals and blame MAN-kind for their demise… they are not wrong it is MAN-kinds fault and nnot the HUmans whom live in harmony or at least use to with their surroundings.

    You watch killing regularly I presume on your television in SOAPs NEWS MOVIES VIDEO games because it is like a drug that is being pushed… no pumped into your and your childrens conciousness by the supremacy society that you are immersed into.

    1st thing fling out that glowing deciever in the corner of the room, on the wall, in the unit wherever the (F)rench (C)onnection (UK) it is in your village and do not let you seeds be raised or decieved by it; You will lose them.

    MAAT my people live IT..

  4. I’m a flexatarian which means I eat meat sparingly. Basically on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.
    Honestly a lot of true vegans don’t look very healthy. They have that sunken face look a lot of the times.
    To each his/her own.

  5. I stopped eating meat almost forty (40) years ago for a few of the reasons given and a few more such as: meat today is full of chemicals; and your body works harder to digest meat than vegetable to get the protein….

  6. Meat eaters are like Buzzards waiting to eat Dead Flesh.You can kill any dead flesh, season it up nice and they would lick their fingers asking for more, they would not know the difference.Many are so accustomed to eating dead flesh that they love it and to give it up with them is impossible.Not that it means much but when meat eaters go to the toilet they light it up.When they are finished eating their dead flesh it makes many of them sleepy.Meat is a source of disease for the blood carries the disease all over the body.It takes 96 hours for the meat to digest and leave the body.It hangs up in the colon causes you problems.It is harder to digest than fruits and vegitables.You get the protein from it second hand meaning that it first goes through the animals body.It gives you gout because of the uric acid which is a better kind that you get from fruits and vegeables that does not remain in the body o give you gout.All in all it is better not to eat meat of any kind, fish or chichen but each to his own.As soon as the animal dies the blood starts to drain and the meat starts to rot.You can leave fruits out for a while but try doing that the meat, fish or chicken.There are a whole lot of good reasons for not eating meat but the only thing that I feel good about is that I do not eat dead carcases and who feel good eating them let them run until the run out of petrol.

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