Why You Should Never Buy Skim Milk Again


By: Krystle Crossman

Millions of people buy skim milk because they believe that it is “better for you”. They are seduced by the words fat-free. When it comes to milk, fat-free is something that you want to avoid. Here are six reasons to go with higher fat milk for your family:

1. There is pretty much no nutritional value in skim milk. The vitamins that are found in milk as well as calcium are all fat soluble. If you have no fat, how are you going to absorb those vitamins and the calcium? You aren’t.

2. Even though it says that it is fat-free it is not a product that is going to help you to lose weight. In fact, studies have shown that skim and 1% milk can lead to weight gain since there is little to no fat to help your body know when you are full.

3. Skim milk used to be the waste that was thrown out during the milking process. Once people began believing that all fat was bad for you and only fat-free foods would help you to lose weight the farmers saw a gold mine looming before them.

4. Heart surgeons around the country have been coming out and saying that heart disease is not linked to saturated fat intake alone. This means that you can have full-fat milk and not be worried about having a heart attack from it.

5. Skim milk is full of all kinds of different things such as bodily fluids, antibiotics, and GMOs. The cows that are raised in factory farms do not get the proper nutrition and fall ill often. They are then given antibiotics to make sure that they stay alive but the bodily fluids that they have running through them when they are sick end up in the milk.

6. They don’t tell you that there is powdered milk solids in the skim milk. It is known to build up the plaque on your arteries and cause problems down the line.



  1. Leave the cow’s milk alone period and drink almond or coconut milk. They have more calcium and Blue Diamond is GMO free!! Beware of soy because of GMOs. Never give soy to a male. It’s not good for him. Hotep

  2. This article is so inaccurate. Skim milk was NEVER discarded by farmers. NEVER. When my parents and grandparents used to milk the cow, they would let the milk sit for a little while. The cream (fat) would rise to the top. And they would SKIM it off and use it to make butter. The rest of the milk would either be used for drinking or used in cooking. They didn’t throw away ANYTHING!!

  3. As for the fact that some of the nutrients are fat soluble, that is correct. But most of us get our fat from other sources, as a result the nutrients still get processed by the body. I don’t like the taste of skim milk. But it’s NOT bad for you.

  4. WHOLE milk as it’s sold commercially is not as it exist in nature. When milk sits, the fat NATURALLY rises to the top. But commercially sold milk is homogenized–The milk is treated in such a way that the fat and milk won’t separate. –City folk need not write about stuff they don’t know anything about until they have done PROPER research.

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