Why You Should Never Tell Your Man To Lose Weight Even if He Should


fat manBy: Krystle Crossman

Have you noticed that your guy has put on a little weight lately? Does he have some less than desirable meal choices? No matter how much you may want to tell him that you think he should think about changing his diet or should think about losing weight…don’t. For men this is like telling someone not to push the “red button”. The more you tell him that his eating habits are deplorable, the more he is going to want to keep eating those foods that are no good for him.

A study performed recently and was published in the American Journal of Health Promotion. It asked 1,294 people who were in relationships if their partners asked them to diet or lose weight.

Around 47% of the respondents said that yes, their partner encouraged them to eat better. They also said that the more that their partner pushed it, the more they wanted to do the opposite and make unhealthy choices or binge eat. This was found to be the case more when women were the ones who were being pressured but men were still impacted by the encouragement. More men than women in the survey reported that their partners were pushing them to diet.

There are ways to still tell your man that he should lose weight without being direct. If you are afraid of hurting his feelings but are worried about his weight or health, discuss ways that you want to change your diet and that he should join you. You can also suggest that instead of going out to dinners or out to happy hour at the bar for a date, go for a picnic in the park with healthier foods, or get personal training sessions together. It won’t seem like you are pushing him but you are still taking strides to become healthier together.


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