Why You Should Start Everyday With Lemon Juice and Water


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing that you want to do? Do you want to grab a soda? Maybe a coffee? Put both of those drinks down and go for something that has many different health benefits and tastes good too. Grab a glass, some ice, and pour yourself a nice glass of cold water with lemons in it.

Lemon juice has many different properties that make it an excellent start to your day. One of the things that it is most known for is being a great help with your digestive system. When you eat a lemon it helps to stimulate the production of juices in your stomach as well as saliva. These two things help your digestive system to process foods effectively through the day. Lemon juice also makes the liver produce more bile which helps digestion as well.

Lemons also contain a bunch of great nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, calcium, and potassium. Each of these has their own benefits:

– Folate: Raises energy levels
– Calcium: Builds strong bones and teeth
– Potassium: Regulates blood pressure and cardiovascular health
– Vitamin C: Boosts the immune system

Vitamin C is one of the most important components in a lemon because there are so many great benefits. Along with boosting your immune system it is also an antioxidant. Some other antioxidants in lemons are bioflavonoids which act as anti-allergens and has antiviral and anticancer properties.

One of the better benefits of lemons is for people who suffer from acne. The vitamin C helps the skin and helps to fight the bacteria that causes acne.

Finally one of the biggest reasons that you should start your day out with a nice cold glass of lemon water…hydration! You need to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially while you are exercising.



  1. This info is actual a true fact….but actual drinking the water warm or hot is better because it
    won’t bloat your stomach like cold water does and it is a lot gentler to the intestinal tract…i start everyday with a glass of warm water and a squeeze of real lemon juice….then i use the bathroom…lol

  2. I agree and take this healthy drink every morning like my great-grandfather did. I would not use cold water, I prefer a cup of warm or hot water to stimulate the inner digestive system.

  3. I drink it every day! Especially when I am at work. It also helps your bowel & I agree with “MJ”!! Room temperature is best, but I can’t help it….sometimes I have a huge cup with a lid, filled with ice & sliced squeezed lemons!!!

    I have 2 family & one co-worker doing it now!!