Why You Tend To Gain Weight on Weekends


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When trying to lose weight, people will follow all sorts of crazy fad diets and meal plans when the bigger picture is actually right in front of them. Their calendar can tell them a whole different story and if they managed their days effectively they could end up losing more weight than when just trying these diets alone.

According to a new study, people are more likely to gain weight on Saturdays and lose it on Tuesdays. The days of the week have a large impact on how we sleep, how we eat, and how we function through the day. It makes sense, if you think about it. During the week, you are working and getting the proper amount of sleep so that you aren’t tired for work and you are not lounging around and snacking all day. You are probably hitting the gym before or after work as well. Then comes the weekend – It’s party time! You are done with work for the week and you just want to let loose and have fun. Going out to eat with friends, kicking back and watching movies with the family, and sleeping too much or too little are usually on the menu for the weekend. People tend to abandon their diets on the weekends in favor of meals out with family or friends. This is where the weight gain comes in.

The study involved watching the weight patterns of three different types of people; those who were trying to lose weight, those who were maintaining their weight, and those who were gaining weight. For a week the participants were asked to weight themselves every morning as soon as they woke up, before eating breakfast. What they found was that weight gain usually began on Saturday and then began to decrease again on Tuesday.

This is all to be taken with a grain of salt however because there are different reasons for daily weight fluctuations such as the level of hydration, what you have eaten the day before, if you are sick or not, and physical activity patterns.


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