Why Your Man Can’t Get “It” Up; Is It You?


couple-in-bed-distressed-womanBy Krystle Crossman

Logan Hill is a columnist for Cosmopolitan. He answers women’s burning questions about s*x and relationships that they are normally too afraid to ask. Here are three great questions that have been recently answered:

1. My 25 year old boyfriend used to get hard just looking at me but now he doesn’t anymore even when he wants to have s*x. Is he bored with me? – Hill answers that since her boyfriend is 25 it is very unlikely that he has an erect!le dysfunction. He could however have something more serious going on such as a cardiovascular issue which would prevent the blood from flowing down there. He states that there are a number of reasons as to why this is happening including lack of sleep or too much alcohol but being bored would not be one of those reasons. He tells her to give it some time and be patient and if she feels that there is something else going on have him see a doctor.

2. My boyfriend says I love you too much. How do I tell him to cut it out without hurting him? – Hill suggests that if she were to tell him this, be ready to give an explanation as to why this bothers her so much. Does she feel that it means less when he says it so much? Does she feel that just throwing the word “love” around without truly understanding how she may take it? Hill says that she should be ready to communicate with him and to be honest.

3. I have been with a guy for five years and talking to another guy online for six months. I sent him a topless picture and feel guilty because I love my boyfriend. What do I do? – Hill says that it is too late and the photo is already out there, but at the same time this is not something that is going to be hitting the papers. If she truly feels that guilty about it she should come clean as honesty is important in a relationship.



  1. Rev Bullbone on

    The 25 yr old who has “trouble” lately getting an erection should be pitied. He needs to ask his girlfriend to wear some sexy outfits, give him oral sex, and see if that helps. As 4 me, nothing takes the place of a reasonable period of fantasy and foreplay including a really good blow job (~_o), along with a good licking and fingering for the female, followed by some robust humpty dumpty penetration.

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