Why Your Man Is not in the Mood; How To Quickly Fix It


By: Krystle Crossman

Does your guy make excuses to get out of a passionate night with you? Does he say he has a headache or he just isn’t feeling it? There are many different reasons that he could be avoiding s*x. Here are a few and what you can do to help.

1. You make him feel dumb. If you berate him for getting lost or if you try to tell him what to do even though you know he knows what to do you could be hurting his self-esteem. Lay off and let him do things his way once in a while.

2. You aren’t wearing s*xy clothes at night anymore. Do you even remember where you have put all of your lingerie? Probably not. After a long day of work the last thing you want to do is get into an uncomfortable thong but men are very visual. If you are looking for some action, dress appropriately.

3. He feels that you are pressuring him to perform. If you keep nagging about how he didn’t jump all over you the minute he came home or as soon as he saw you in that new cocktail dress, he is going to feel pressured which makes it harder for him to perform.

4. You are too clingy. He feels smothered. Give him some space.

5. You had a fight and he is still angry. You may not know it, but he could still be upset about the fight. Communication is key here.

6. You look like you are done for the day. If you put your hair up, do your nightly skin moisturizing routine, and grab a book your partner takes that as a sign that you are in for the night and do not wish to be disturbed. If you want to have some fun, give him a sign!

7. Things have gotten vanilla. If you do the same position over and over again things can get a little drab. Spice things up by giving him a lap dance or trying out a new position.

8. He is creeped out by the baby monitor. Remind him that the baby can’t hear you, only you can hear them.


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