Why Your Man May Secretly Resent You


By: Krystle Crossman

There are common things that women do that end up making their men very resentful of them. Avoid resentment by being mindful of the following situations sent in by men who resent the actions of their spouse:

1. Don’t make plans without him and just assume that he will be okay with it. Ask first if you want to go do something. You don’t need permission but at least check with him and make sure that he hasn’t planned something for the two of you. Make sure that he is okay with staying home and taking care of the kids if you have any.

2. When you are out to dinner with your friends it is a good idea not to complain about your husband, especially while he is right there. Even if you jokingly speak about how he doesn’t do the dishes or do the laundry it can still put him in a bad mood and make him resent you.

3. The past is in the past. Leave it that way. With every fight that you may have, focus on what is happening in that moment. Don’t bring up past issues that have already been resolved.

4. Your kids need love and attention and their basic needs need to be met but once they have the basic needs out of the way, turn your attention elsewhere. Men become resentful when the children are always put before they are such as when you type a report for your child instead of making them do it themselves and relaxing with your husband.

5. If your husband brings up your s*x life, don’t immediately think that there is something wrong. If you jump to that conclusion it will lead to an argument. Listen to him and talk about the things that you like and how you can top them for even more fun.

6. If your husband does something nice for you, thank him. Don’t criticize him over every little thing that he does. He will feel like he is never doing anything well enough and will begin to wonder why he should bother.



  1. The same goes for husbands….who do things that make their wives resent them. And I’ll wager that more husbands are inclined to “cheat” on their wives than vice versa. Check out the Ashley Madison website — full of “unhappy” husbands who want to cheat on their wives. Is there a similar site for women???

  2. Typical woman, we can never have a conversation without you all playing the “You Do It Too Game”. The article was clearly written about what women do to make their husbands resentful. We can talk about cheating husbands when that is the title of the article.

  3. Good advice. Some blk females cant keep a man becuz they do things in the list, then cry about there are no good blkmen.

    • I am a brown girl. I have never done or said any of the aforementioned suggestions. I keep a good black man. I suggest blk men forgot how looking at you would be the cause of his death.

    • I am a brown girl. I have never done or said any of the aforementioned suggestions. I keep a good black man. I suggest blk men forgot how looking at you would be the cause of his death 60 years ago.

  4. Cindie this topic wasn’t about cheating.
    Reread it/sure it goes both ways but listen
    to what the topic is about this time.

    Men cheating is another story,women cheat
    both of the sexes cheat we know. This is
    very good advice to mantain a healthy relationship.So just remember the the 3 things women should know, i like what was
    said. WE are to combative when we read, so
    we never learn anything.

  5. I stand to be corrected there are 6 things
    we need to know.So please read them carefully.
    It wasn’t and attack outright on females,it
    was very helpful information.WE could use it.

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