Why You’re Having Hot-flashes When You’re Not Menopausal


By: Krystle Crossman

When a woman experiences hot flashes she automatically comes to the conclusion that she is entering menopause as that is one of the most telling symptoms. Menopause is not always the cause of hot flashes though. There could be another underlying reason. Here are some other issues that can cause hot flashes:

1. Stress – When your body is under a great amount of stress it reacts in different ways. When you are stressed out your body releases a bunch of different hormones. You will have adrenaline, estrogen, testosterone, and norepinephrine coursing through your body. This can cause temperature changes that are often rapid because of the increased blood flow.

2. Foods – Do you like eating really spicy foods such as hot peppers? This could be the cause of your hot flashes. When you eat something that is that spicy your blood vessels dilate. This causes more blood to rush through and warms your body when it hits your nerve endings. Alcohol can do this to you as well. You may also be having a slight allergic reaction to whatever it is that you are eating.

3. Medication – There are certain medications that can cause hot flashes. Tamoxifen and Nolvadex which are used to block estrogen to reduce the risk of [email protected] cancer can cause hot flashes due to the hormone imbalance. Evista is another medication that can cause hot flashes. It is used to treat and prevent osteoporosis in women. This medication is usually taken by post-menopausal women but not always.

4. Medical Issues – There are a multitude of different issues that you may have that could contribute to the hot flashes that you are experiencing. You could have something going on in your hypothalamus. This is the part of the brain that doctors believe malfunctions when your estrogen levels drop. You could also have something going on with your thyroid which can cause severe hormone imbalances. Whenever your hormones fluctuate you have the chance of having hot flashes.

Look at all of your symptoms together and see if you can eliminate different causes. You will be able to better help your doctor


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