Why You’re More Likely To Get Divorced If You Didn’t Have Many Siblings


cosby familyBy: Krystle Crossman

An interesting new study from Ohio State University has found that people who grow up with more than two siblings are more likely to get married and stay that way. They feel that this is due to the ability to overcome the many urges to “kill” your brothers and sisters as they pester you and how this carries over into your adult life by helping to sustain a long and meaningful relationship.

When you fight with your brothers and sisters when you are younger you have to deal with the urge to smother them in their sleep or just flat out punch them in the face sometimes. As you grow older these urges usually dissipate as you mature. How you dealt with your siblings can help you in relationships later in life as well because you will tend to not fly off the handle more often.

In a sample group of 57,000 Americans, participants were scored on 28 different points through the study which lasted from 1972 and 2012. What the researchers found was that only 4% had grown up as the only child. They also found that of the 80% that had gotten married at some point in the study, 36% had ended in divorce. In looking at those who married during the study it was found that there was a 2% decline in the odds of being divorced with each additional sibling that the person had.

Researchers say that this is one of the few studies that actually show the benefits of having multiple siblings. Other studies show that children fare better economically and educationally when they are alone or have one sibling. More and more children these days however are growing up as an only child or with fewer siblings due to perceived hard economic times.


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